Our company

Novafon is an established and innovative german company  based near Stuttgart and led by a team of health professionals. Our interest in local vibration therapy, medical devices and evidenced based practice brought us together. We do strongly believe in local vibration therapy to reduce symptoms and enhance quality of life. And we always aim to serve the best clinical evidence to patients and colleagues. To provide high quality service and products we are keen to constantly further develop, research and improve our products and ourselves. All our products are "made in Germany" and are of extremely high quality standard. We cooperate with health professionals, researchers and clients to improve our products and provide you with excellent expertise on local vibration therapy.

We are all enthusiastic about this topic and hope that because of local vibration therapy less pain medication is prescribed, fewer surgeries are done and that the quality of life of many can be improved. As we are always aiming to get better, please do not hesitate to give us feedback on our services and products.