NOVAFON used in physiotherapy

"Vibration has been suggested as a possible non-pharmacological way to control spasticity. Combined with physiotherapy it was shown to reduce spasticity significantly. 100 Hz vibration applied to the triceps brachii of a spastic upper limb in association with physiotherapy is able to reduce the spasticity of the flexor agonist, biceps brachii; 2) this association is better than physiotherapy alone in controlling spasticity and improving function; 3) this clinically perceivable reduction of spasticity and function improvement extends (for at least 48 hours) beyond the period of application of the vibration, supporting its possible role in the rehabilitation of spastic hemiplegia."
Casale et al. (2014) European Journal of Physical and Rehabilitation Medicine

Stroke - Multiple Sclerosis - Cerebral Palsy – Spinal Cord Injury - Brain or Head Trauma - Motor Neuron Disease - Dystonia

Spasticity is a condition in which there is an abnormal increase in muscle tone or stiffness of muscle. It is often associated with discomfort or pain and causes restrictions in movement. Spasticity can be a symptom of spinal cord injury, multiple sclerosis, cerebral palsy, stroke, brain or head trauma, motor neuron disease and other conditions. Local vibration therapy was found to reduce spasticity making use of the tonic vibration reflex (TVR). When a relaxed muscle is stimulated by a mechanical vibrator (100-200 Hz) it causes tonic contraction of the vibrated muscle (agonist) and as a result relaxation of its antagonist. This can be recorded using EMG. 100 Hz local vibration was shown to reduce spasticity significantly. We recommend to use NOVAFON PRO or NOVAFON POWER for the treatment of spasticity. Simply apply vibrations for 5-10 minutes to the spastic muscle’s antagonist.

  • reduce spasticity using the tonic vibration reflex/TVR

  • improve goal directed movement

  • facilitate motor control tasks

  • improve gait

  • acceleration of movement

  • reduce pain



Hand therapists see people who may have been affected by an accident or trauma leaving them with wounds, scars, burns, injured tendons or nerves, fractures, or even amputations of the fingers, hands or arms. Others include patients who suffer from conditions such as carpal tunnel syndrome and tennis elbow, as well as from chronic problems such as arthritis or a neurologic condition, such as stroke. We recommend to use NOVAFON PRO or NOVAFON POWER with the round or magnetic head to support hand therapy. Simply apply vibrations for 5-10 minutes per treatment area.

  • reduce pain and adhesion

  • reduce numbness and limited range of motion

  • increase blood flow and metabolism

  • support scar tissue repair

  • reduce sensitivity from nerve problems



Vibration was found to reduce both acute and chronic pain in several scientific studies. Vibro-tactile stimulation of A-beta primary afferents (mechanoreceptors) produces potent inhibition of dorsal horn nociceptive (pain) neurons and therefore stops the brain feeling the pain. The vibrations also increase the blood flow and self-heeling processes in the treated area and help the body to remove metabolic waste. Stimulating either the painful area directly or a trigger point can ease pain and lead to long term pain relief. We recommend to use NOVAFON PRO or NOVAFON CLASSIC for moderate pain and NOVAFON POWER for trigger points and hypertension.

  • Reduce joint, muscle, nerve and phantom pain

  • inhibit transmission of nociceptive and neuropathic pain

  • reduce both acute and chronic

  • facilitate self healing processes

  • provide a different sensory input



Facial palsy or Bell’s palsy generally refers to weakness of the facial muscles due to temporary or permanent damage to the facial nerve. Researchers found a relaxed muscle to contract when it is stimulated by a vibratory stimulus with a frequency of 100-200 Hz. This is the so-called tonic vibration reflex (TVR) which can be recorded using EMG. All stiivii devices generate vibrations of 100 Hz. We recommend to use NOVAFON PRO or NOVAFON SOFT to apply to facial muscles. Simply apply the vibrations for 5 minutes to each side of the face, we recommend to start with the weaker side. Use the disk head for larger muscle strings and the round head for smaller muscles and a more punctual treatment.

  • use the tonic vibration reflex to contract weak muscles (100 Hz)

  • increase sensory stimulation

  • relax compensatory muscles (50 Hz)

  • reduce facial pain


* The therapy and its effectiveness is not medically undisputed, and, moreover, the treatment’s success cannot be expected in all cases. a) These examples are compiled from reports written by numerous therapists, who recommend NOVAFON® instruments as both a complementary and a household therapy.