The original Novafon

Novafon GmbH in Weinstadt near Stuttgart is the leading manufacturer and vendor of sound wave devices for local vibration therapy, a non-invasive solution for chronic pain, muscle tension and the consequences of a stroke. Based on scientific findings and proven by clinical trials, this form of treatment enables us to offer our customers a long-term improvement in their quality of life.

Our devices bring relief to patients suffering from chronic muscle, joint and tendon ailments such as arthritis, tennis elbow, fasciitis plantaris and myalgia. In neurorehabilitation, they can also be used to treat spasticity, hemineglect as well as voice and swallowing disorders. Furthermore, local vibration therapy is also used in pain therapy for the treatment of phantom pain, muscular tension, trigger points and joint pain.

Maybe you have seen one of our instruments in action in speech therapy, occupational therapy, physiotherapy or in the practice of your alternative practitioner. Here you can find out more about our products.

Besides marketing Novafon products, we also offer training courses for therapists and other potential customers. Furthermore we provide a platform for questions and information on health-related topics. We develop our products with great conviction and passion. We are continuously improving our instruments and it is our stated mission to give our customers practice-related, individual advice. Our customers include private individuals, therapists, clinics and rehabilitation facilities as well as medical supply shops.