Novafon® - more than just a massage instrument

The sonic wave instruments from NOVAFON® are easy-to-use massage instruments that can simply do more. The Fraunhofer Institute for Building Physics (IBP report BS 113/84) has shown that sonic wave treatment using the NOVAFON® massage instrument acts at a depth of up to six centimetres. This enables a particularly intensive, long-lasting massage. The basic mode of action behind sonic wave treatment opens up a variety of application options, and many clinics and therapists use the sonic wave-based massage instruments as a supplementary treatment in various areas. When used at home, NOVAFON® sonic wave instruments are excellent for relaxing full-body massages, invigorating foot and leg massages, cosmetic facial treatments, and much more. You can find specific example uses of this massage instrument here.


Novafon Sonic Wave Instruments